We are involved in every stage from early development to construction and pre-opening and of course, the management of the hotel.

Sales & Marketing Services

Tangram has teamed up with the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the biggest alliance of independent hotel chains in the world to provide enhanced distribution worldwide.

Tangram manages and executes the hotel marketing strategy (from segmentation to collaterals) to ensure the highest guest loyalty and retention possible. Sales & Marketing services offered by Tangram and GHA include:

  • Direct and indirect global distribution channels at preferential pricing
  • Central reservation and revenue management systems (optional)
  • Strategic partnerships with 16 airline programs
  • Worldwide reach with points of sale and shared services
  • Global preferred partnerships with travel management companies (eg: Amex, Expedia)

Pre-opening services

Opening a hotel is not easy! From day one, Tangram works hand in hand with the developer.
By collaborating as early as possible in the development and pre-opening phase, Tangram ensures that the journey is as smooth as possible.

Tangram pre-opening services can be broken down in five main components.

  1. Architecture and look & feel
    Tangram has worked with the well-known branding company Landor to develop the Tangram brand identity and overall look & feel in every detail. Well renowned H.B.A. has helped us to transform the brand into a tangible design. Thanks to our extensive brand standards, we can turn any property into a Tangram hotel in less than a year.
  2. Space planning
    How many rooms should the hotel have? Should the bar be in the left wing? To answer these questions and make sure every single square meter of the property is optimized, Tangram conducts an exhaustive evaluation of the building (new built or conversion) to make the right choice in terms of space allocation.
  3. Standard for hotel software and hardware
    Because the devil is in the detail! Tangram has guidelines for pretty much everything that a hotel needs. From IT systems to kitchen equipment, we can recommend to you the solutions with the right price/value ratio that will fit the requirements of your property.
  4. Budgeting
    Keeping the project on budget is key. By developing accurate pre-opening and operational budgets, we are able to make better plans, to anticipate changes and ultimately manage your hotel better.
  5. Employee training
    People are instrumental in the quality of service offered to Tangram guests. This is why we provide all Tangram employees with a wide range of trainings. Tangram Basics focuses on the knowledge needed by all employees (grooming, service standards etc.). Tangram Skills focuses on department specific knowledge (beverage knowledge, sales techniques etc.). Finally Tangram Expert focuses on the personal development of our employees (time management, public speaking skills etc.).

Procurement services

Tangram uses its purchasing power and wide network of suppliers to reach economies of scale when purchasing furniture, fixture and equipment for new hotel. Tangram procurement services also focus on inventory management to ensure that operational items have the best turnover possible.