Opportunities Everywhere

Traveler needs and habits are changing faster than ever and the Internet has changed the rules of the game in the industry. With a hotel product that gets it right, Tangram aims at becoming a leading lifestyle hotel brand.

Location Specifications

Tangram is a brand targeting business travelers, so we are looking at locations where such travelers spend most of their time. This includes cities' business centers, convention centers, trade and transportation centers.

Development specifications fact sheet

Any potential Tangram hotel must fulfill certain criteria. You can find below the list of the typical technical specifications of a tangram hotel.

Minimum number of rooms 150
Building requirements New built or conversion
Guest room size min 28 sqm
Gross Floor Area per room 55 sqm - 65 sqm
F&B outlet minimum 1 restaurant and 1 lounge/bar
Conference room Depending on individual property
Parking Public or private

Building Specifications

  • Building requirements
    Thanks to its modular approach Tangram is suited for both new buildings as well as conversion (take-over). While some elements are core to the Tangram brand and must be part of all Tangram hotels, other elements remain optional and are subject to each property’s location and/or needs.
  • Minimum number of rooms
    Tangram’s operations are lean and standardized; each Tangram should have a minimum of 150 rooms in order to achieve economies of scale, efficient and profitable operations.
  • Guest room size
    The Tangram room is at the heart of the customer experience. Our rooms are a minimum of 28 square meters
  • F&B Outlet
    Greens has two main elements: a restaurant serving comfort food prepared fresh with special attention to ingredients and presentation and the lounge bar where guests can work, relax, socialize or just hang out. Additional F&B outlets can be considered as long as they keep a casual, easy going atmosphere with value pricing.