The origin

How it all began and why

We believe that traditional midscale accommodation has failed to adapt to the needs of modern business travelers. From the Middle-East to China, there is high demand for a midscale hotel brand that offers true value to customers, a brand that is stylish, fresh, yet focused on the basics.  The Tangram team has developed a concept that is the 21st century answer to the needs of business travelers all over the world.

We created Tangram to bring new life to the midscale hotel landscape, a hotel brand with high standards and meaningful design offering a functional and customizable experience for the travelers of today.

The team

Operational experts, designers and branding specialists

A team of operational experts, designers and branding specialists has been involved to develop Tangram. At the heart of the Tangram concept is the international branding agency, Landor, who created the unique red and black look of Tangram, and Bridge.over, a specialized hospitality consulting firm, who conducted the market studies and project management since the beginning making sure that the concept is translated into reality.

A decentralized structure

Joint ventures and strategic partners

Tangram relies on a highly decentralized structure, maintaining high flexibility and adaptability to the specificities of each market. Joint ventures and strategic partners are identified in each region promoting the Tangram development and ensuring that we meet the customers demand. In China, for example, Tangram has a partnership with the Beijing Tourism Group (BTG) one of the largest tourism groups in China.